Ok, well making this cupcake homemade costume was a big headache! But it was all worth it because everyone loved it.

I first started with the bottom of the cupcake I bought white fleece; I cut and sewed to a shape of a skirt so it can fit me. Then I got tulle and with an iron I made the ridges.. I was ironing it like making a fan, one by one. Then after I just sewed it to the skirt on the end and on top. At the end I just cut off the tulle that was left over.

The top was a little tricky because I really had no idea how to do it. We had two hula-hoops in the back yard so we cut to make them the shape that I wanted. And since I’m very small with two hula-hoops we mad three rings.

For the blue icing I bought 5 yards of blue tulle. Yeah I bought way too much. I cut all of it parallel to each other (hot dog style) and sewed all of it to make three cylinders. I then put the rings covered with pillow stuffing through the cylinder tulle and now you can close it. So by this point you have three rings or how ever many you want.

I bought an elastic waistband at Wal-Mart and made it to the size of the top of my bust like if I were wearing a strapless shirt. I lightly sewed the top ring to that. At the end I got white thread and attached the rings together first the top and middle and then the middle to the bottom! I glued red fuzzy craft balls all over it for the sprinkles with hot glue.

To finish off the cupcake homemade costume – I bought black tights, a black long sleeve shirt and a red beret so that my head looks like a cherry!