The total cost of my Coupon Queen Costume was around $15. The most expensive thing was the money lounge pants I’m wearing – they were $12.99. Everyone calls me the “Coupon Queen” so I thought this would be a great costume for me.

I took sales papers, and coupon inserts from my newspaper and hot glued them to a large box. I also had a mini coupon organize I glued to the front and labeled it coupons. I cut out arm and head holes in the box. I glued some of my expired coupons randomly on the box. I found an extra large plastic pair of toy scissors from dollar tree that I glued to make it look like I was clipping the coupons. I made a crown out of construction paper and glued some coupons onto to it.

To top it off I made a sign out of poster board and a ruler that says “I had a coupon for that and you could have saved” with a face dollar bill. I carried the sign in one hand and recycled grocery bag in the other hand. The funny thing was I had several people look at the coupons I glued on my costume to see if they had expired.

The only thing with the Coupon Queen Costume is that you could not sit down or move your arms very well.