I began working on this couch potato costume in September 2007. My little brothers have a most creative Halloween Costume Contest at their school so we are always up against some pretty tough competition. It only took a few days to finish the costume, it would have been a little sooner, but I had to let it dry in between some of the processes.

For the potato part of the costume, I molded chicken wire into an uneven oval shape leaving the bottom open and a little flattened so that it could set on top of the couch. I covered it in paper Mache (just newspaper soaked in flour and water) and let it dry. When the paper Mache dried I tried painting it brown, but discovered that torn up brown paper bags collaged or glued on looked much better.

The eyes are two random pieces of plastic I found and covered them in white mesh cloth. I used clear plastic and mesh cloth so that the person wearing the costume can see out. For the arms and legs I just wadded up pieces of brown paper bag wrapped them around strong wire forming them into the limbs.

The couch was the most difficult to make. It was trial and error for me. I searched for the largest cardboard box I could find and using tons of hot glue, tape, and staples, formed it into the shape of a couch. I then covered the whole thing with old material we had purchased from yard sales. When constructing the couch be sure to leave a circle cut out in the middle so that the person wearing the costume can fit through and hold the costume up. Then just slide the potato over their head letting it rest on the couch.

For added personality to the “Couch Potato,” I glued random junk-foods and wrappers on all over the couch and put a remote control in his hand.

The costume was a little hard to move around in, but my little brother was a big hit and got many complement as he was the leader of the class parade.