This Rosie the Riveter  costume was quite possibly, one of the most comfortable costumes I have ever worn, the easiest, cutest, and quite possibly my all time favorite. The 1940’s is my favorite decade. I have always loved the legend of Rosie. I had been wanting to do this costume so many times in the past but something else always came up instead.

To put together this costume, I bought a men’s work shirt and pants from the thrift store. I bought some red with white polka dot material from the fabric store, cut it into a big square and hemmed it along the sides, creating my bandanna. I made a button by printing out an image of Rosie from the internet and inserting it into a clear plastic button. I wore black work shoes, red lipstick, and had my hair styled into a cute curl to stick out the front of my bandanna. I used a black metal lunchbox as my purse that night.