The idea for my Homemade Collector Edition Wedding Barbie Costume came to me because it happened to be my favorite Barbie when I was growing up. I LOVE Halloween and always go all out but this year was by far the most work I have ever done. It was totally worth it.

I started by going to a Bridal store in my town and they thought the idea was so exciting that they let me go through all of their old dress samples in their attic that no one had ever purchased and said I could choose any one for $100! They also gave me the perfect veil to compliment the dress.

I then went to iParty to get my big diamond ring to wear ($2.99, can’t beat it!), my garter (to be twist tied as an accessory in the Barbie box), a Barbie lip gloss (also glued into the box for use all night) and a huge fake ring from the bachelorette section (this was twist tied into the box as well). Barbie’s always have accessories along with them so I couldn’t resist and it was really so simple. Then I went to Lowe’s and asked them if I could have a giant freezer box and they loved the idea so much they were happy to help me!

I bought pink paint, a roller and pink spray paint. I wasn’t sure which would work better but definitely house paint over spray paint it covers much better. When I got home I used a level, a pencil and a box cutter and measured and cut out the opening for the front of the box. Then I cut out a door in the back of the box and made a handle so I could get in and out of the box easily! Just cut the same size opening in the back. The only difference is you leave one side.

I did two coats of paint to cover the writing on the freezer box. I made a Mattel logo and a Collector Edition logo on my computer and had my Barbie logo done at Staples so it was crystal clear. I glued those all on. The last thing to complete the box was to tape cellophane to the inside of the front of it. The photo doesn’t show it because there was too much reflection so you couldn’t see me in it!

I had really long blonde clip in extensions put in, got a Barbie spray tan and a French manicure on my nails. I made a bouquet out of artificial flowers and wrapped the stems in white ribbon to make it look like a real wedding bouquet. I got into my dress, put my veil on added some fake eye lashes and voila! A life-size Barbie doll. I tried to remember everything but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!