While brainstorming costume ideas for my daughter and nephew, the idea of chucky crossed my mind which was perfect, seeing that my nephew kinda resembles chucky, and Tiffany was obviously a perfect match. I didn’t want to spend tons of money on costumes so i headed to our local thrift store. After digging i found a perfect set of overalls and a striped shirt for our chucky. I made some cuts in the outfit and added some fake blood. a little face paint and hairspray later…and VOILA….we had a chucky! Now Tiffany was a little harder to pull together. I had found a basic sundress and a pink faux leather coat. The dress had to be dyed white to resemble a wedding dress and the coat i spray painted black. I then bought a super cheap wedding veil from walmart and powdered her hair. A little eye make-up and one fake mole later…..we had our Tiffany. The costumes were definetely a hit! we had many requests for pics and lots of compliments!