First of all this Homemade Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy Couple Costume took forever to make (but it was definitely worth it!!). First me and my friend each bought an extremely cheap unitard. After that, to make the flames on Chazz’s costume, we used ribbon. We cut out the shapes of the flames and then sewed them together and then sewed them onto the outfit. For the part that hangs from Chazz’s arm we used a type of thin gossamer that we cut.

For the headband we used just an old elastic band and put sequence and a metal bead piece onto it. Then we found an old wig and cut it to resemble Will Ferrell’s Character in the movie. For Jimmy’s outfit, every single sequence we used was hand-sewed onto the unitard. The peacock hand was made from a white glove we colored with marker and we used sequence as the eyes. For the top of the costume around the neck area, we used ribbon and laced it from side to side. Then for the butt part we found a peacock feather and some blue cotton we sewed on there. Then we painted stripes onto the Jimmy outfit to make it look amazing!

To finish it all off we found a pair of CHEAP roller blades from a local Thrift Shop and Voila! The PERFECT Halloween Costume!!! This may take a decent amount of work and effort, but trust me, it will be your best Halloween ever!