I think selecting the right costume should have some guidelines to follow. First it has to be something I enjoy and it should have some similarities to your HWP stats to make it more believable. For this year I choose to do Captain Jack Sparrow from the scene where he was on the island and the chief of the native village.

When it comes to finding clothing for costumes you can’t go wrong with Value Village. I found the shirt, vest, belts and pants there. I went to Display and Costume and found the sword, hat, boot covers and bandanna wig and modified it up with beads and other charms. The sash was made out of an old sheet I had. The pistol and bottle of rum I already had. I ordered the compass and rings online. Applied the black finger nail polish and makeup (with wife’s help) and off to work I go. Everyone loved it I was called Jack Sparrow for a couple months after that.