A group of my roomates and friends wanted to do a group Halloween costume before we all graduate. We attended Central Michigan University! Go Chips! Anyways.. we all brainstormed and finally came up with the idea to make home made costumes (well… because we were all college students with a limited budget) and decided that we all wanted to be candy! I was 4 months pregnant at the time, so I thought it was fitting that I was going to be Skittles! The Candy Group Costume consisted of all of our favorite candy!

1. Skittles

2. Blow Pop

3. Laffy Taffy

4. Hot Tamales

5. Air Head

6. Good n’ Plenty

7. Sugar Daddy… he’s in the second photo.

First, we started off by getting different color tank tops (about 5.00/each), different color shorts (about 7.00/each), different color tights (2 for 1.00), puff paint for clothing (.75 each), and we all bought our candy so that we had an idea of how to make the designs on our shirt  (and so that we could eat it too of course!)

Then we just took the puff paint and painted the logos on our tank tops (on the back of our friends tank top, the air head, we added the nutrition facts but they were silly ones, not actual facts).

We had a blast making these and going to various CMU parties and everyone wanted to take photos of us!  We all made our own so its all different writing and it was so much fun to hang out with all of my friends!