For Halloween this year, my husband and I went as candy bars. But not just any old candy bars, I guess you could say we were “adult-themed” candy bars!

My husband was an Almond Joy bar and I was Mounds bar. When people saw the back of our costumes, they’d see that my husband’s read, “I’ve got nuts” while mine read, “I don’t.” We got numerous compliments and giggles. They were a big hit! I think the costumes would still do well if you didn’t want to do the lettering on the back, but from our experience, that was the part that really made everyone enjoy them so much.

To make our costumes, I bought red, blue and white material. I was trying not to spend too much money, so I found fabrics on sale, but I made sure they weren’t transparent. I then picked up black and white felt to do the lettering in. I went online and found pictures of the candy bars to use as examples.

First I pulled the fabric around each of us to find a good size for comfort. Then I cut a strip of the white fabric, which went down the front of each. Next I made a small strip of each fabric to go on one side of the white piece down each costume (the opposite color on each for this part). Then I made an oblong oval, which would show the white lettering on it.

In a Word document, I searched through the fonts for ones that looked similar to the lettering on the bars. It took a while to figure out good lettering and sizes. I ended up using Rockwell Extra Bold for the “Peter Paul” part in size 125 and BordeauxBlack for the black lettering in size 800. For the lettering on the back, you could choose whatever you prefer. I personally used the BordeauxBlack again in size 300. I printed them out, cut them and traced each onto the felt.

On the back of the felt I used an iron with the fusing paper (which can be bought at any fabric store or Walmart, etc) to make it sticky. After cutting out the letters on the felt, I peeled off the backing and ironed them onto the costumes.

These costumes took a few hours to make with lots of trial and error to finish them. They were far from perfect as my sewing and artistic sides aren’t ideal, but they were certainly good enough!

Candy Bar Couple

Candy Bar Couple

Candy Bar Couple