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Coolest Candy Bar Couple Costume

by Chris
(Duluth, MN)

Coolest Candy Bar Couple Costume

Coolest Candy Bar Couple Costume

For Halloween this year, my husband and I went as candy bars. But not just any old candy bars, I guess you could say we were “adult-themed” candy bars!

My husband was an Almond Joy bar and I was Mounds bar. When people saw the back of our costumes, they’d see that my husband’s read, “I’ve got nuts” while mine read, “I don’t.” We got numerous compliments and giggles. They were a big hit! I think the costumes would still do well if you didn’t want to do the lettering on the back, but from our experience, that was the part that really made everyone enjoy them so much.

To make our costumes, I bought red, blue and white material. I was trying not to spend too much money, so I found fabrics on sale, but I made sure they weren’t transparent. I then picked up black and white felt to do the lettering in. I went online and found pictures of the candy bars to use as examples.

First I pulled the fabric around each of us to find a good size for comfort. Then I cut a strip of the white fabric, which went down the front of each. Next I made a small strip of each fabric to go on one side of the white piece down each costume (the opposite color on each for this part). Then I made an oblong oval, which would show the white lettering on it.

In a Word document, I searched through the fonts for ones that looked similar to the lettering on the bars. It took a while to figure out good lettering and sizes. I ended up using Rockwell Extra Bold for the “Peter Paul” part in size 125 and BordeauxBlack for the black lettering in size 800. For the lettering on the back, you could choose whatever you prefer. I personally used the BordeauxBlack again in size 300. I printed them out, cut them and traced each onto the felt.

On the back of the felt I used an iron with the fusing paper (which can be bought at any fabric store or Walmart, etc) to make it sticky. After cutting out the letters on the felt, I peeled off the backing and ironed them onto the costumes.

These costumes took a few hours to make with lots of trial and error to finish them. They were far from perfect as my sewing and artistic sides aren’t ideal, but they were certainly good enough!

Candy Bar Couple

Candy Bar Couple

Candy Bar Couple

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by: Anonymous

I just finished making this costume for me and my boyfriend for our Sadies Hawkins dance! the theme is opposites attract and this was totally cute and went with the theme!

too funny
by: Anonymous

your costumes made me laugh; very clever!

by: Anonymous

I'm impressed. You did a great job of matching the lettering and making them look like the real candy bar. Also, thanks for including that information for those of us hoping to duplicate your success.

laugh out loud
by: Anonymous

I love your costumes they are so funny. I wish I had came up with that idea

by: Anonymous

I was searching online for costume ideas for my
husband and I and came across your idea. I love it!

i love it!...can i buy it??
by: renee

I was looking for just the mounds and how to make it but seeing yours, I'm not that creative if you still had it I would like to buy it, if you still have it.

by: Lisa

This was a great idea! My husband and I made these costumes this weekend! Thanks for the specific fonts!

Love the idea - Font size Issue
by: Anonymous

Love love love the idea! We're having to switch our costume 2 days before our Halloween costume party and although I'm dedicating all my free moments to this costume it'll be worth it! I am having an issue with font size. There's no way Almound Joy can be 800 because I already shrunk it to 730 and the letters go almost all the way down to my husband's ankles and he's 6'1"

Need this costume for a Music Video
by: Ryan Ellington

I am a comedian filming a youtube music video about candy, and I could REALLY use this costume to make the video great. I don't have a lot of money to pay for anyone to make one for me, but I was wondering if there was a way that I could borrow it from you? I would be happy to pay for the shipping out to LA, and back to your house. It would really help me out a lot, and I promise you will love the finished video! Plus, I'll give you a special thanks in the credits! Please email me at, and let me know :)

by: Anonymous

got any idea's for a four child group?

Absolutely Fabulous!
by: Michelle

I saw all the "candy costumes" online and thought, "somebody should have couples' M&AJ outfits." You did it so well, I hope to copy your terrific example.

Love it!
by: Suzanne

Great costumes. I spent the last two nights making my version of the same costume. Thanks for the inspiration.

by: Anonymous


SOPA can suck it!!(:
by: Anonymous

Omg!! I'd been desperately looking for an idea for the Sadie Hawkins dance that's coming up soon. Since it's my first & last sadies dance(senior year :/ ) I wanted to use something no one else would have &i believe THIS IS IT!! So creative and original but I might go with snickers & twix instead of the new used.
Thank goodness sopa wasn't passed yet or I never wudve found this. Thanks for sharing!!! ♡♡♡

me want
by: Anonymous

how much was the total cost of the two? I want to do but don't have much money.

Thank you!
by: Karen Sheldon

While searching the internet for a couples costume, I came across your candy bar costume...LOVED THEM! I made the costumes, took me a little longer than I thought it would but so worth it. I probably had about 24 hours (3-8 hour days) invested, first time I ever made anything without a pattern. I'd love to post pics of our costumes, but I have no idea how to upload them. (They look a little different then yours.) Anyways, thank you for sharing your idea!

Candy bar costumes
by: Amy

I love these costumes, my husband refuses to wear a costume, but he agreed to this. So off I go to make 1...hopefully they will turn out as well as yours

Trouble getting Font
by: Kelly

I am having a terrible time downloading Bordeaux Black. Every site I try to download from says it's a corrupt file. Do you know of any that look similar?

I made this costume
by: Lori L. Hall

I decided to give this costume a try. I am not very crafty and I don't own a sקwing machine. I bought 2 yards of each red and blue, I put them on like ponchos, and used liquid stitch. the lettering took a long time. I do not have the same fonts, so I picked something that looked good, but the size was all off and it took about 2 hours to just get the letters printed out, and a lot longer to cut it all out, trace it, and then cut out the felt letters.
I decided to use spray on adhesive to affix the letters. that was a serious time saver. in all it cost me about $40 dollars, and took about 6 hours to make. they did come out very nice! thanks for the idea....

M & M's costume
by: Noel

Several years ago my husband and I went as packages of M&Ms. It's very easy with a brown fabric shift and as you did, I made the script "M" with felt. His package said "with nuts" and my package said "plain". We had many of the same comments you heard. It was a lot of fun!

Candy Bar T-shirts
by: Reegan

I'm making five different candy bar costumes and I bought five different colored XL t-shirts. I'm also using font, felt and adhesive sheets to adhere to t-shirts.

by: Dee

Do you know where I can purchase a costume like this?

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