This is Hawa, she loves wild animals, she is a wild animal too, LOL. Hawa wanted to be a gorilla gone wild. So we made her one, and I decided to put her in a cage that she would look like the gorilla turned the tables on her. I bought a gorilla suit and cut out the mid section this is where Hawa would come out. Cage was constructed of thin wall PVC pipe and PVC connectors. The pants were stuffed with newspaper and thin wire was used inside of pants so I could bend legs. The shoes were added.

On the back of the foam board a half circle was cut out this would allow the waist to fit and unit was glued on foam board to fit in cage. Gorilla was attached to cage and costume was finished. Cost was about 20.00 without gorilla suit. This costume was a hit at our city’s annual costume contest. This costume won a grand prize!