Back in early elementary school a song circulated around that thoroughly freaked out my daughter, “China Doll, in the hall, gonna chop your head off.”  This year we saw a costume for just that in a catalog, but it did not REALLY look like an old doll. So, being the crafty folks we are we HAD to make it better.

The dress was something her grandmother had made for her several years ago to go under a Christmas jumper/pinafore. When it was made it came down to her mid calf (she has grown A LOT). Gramma made the bloomers this year to wear underneath  the gown. We found some Monster High knee socks (these will be worn often all year BIG FANS around here) to wear in leu of tights. She has the black shoes in her closet already too.

Her make up was the fun part (insert mild Sarcasm here). The child is 10 and has never worn mascara before, applying was…an adventure, to say the least. Blink blink “don’t get it in my eye!” Listen, kid, beauty hurts! We applied a thin layer of white cream to her face, neck, and arms to get that china doll color. I then took a liquid black eyeliner and drew in a slightly lower than normal bottom lash line with thick lashes. Then came the mascara adventure.

Did I forget to mention, I was applying the makeup in front of one of her besties to whom she was chatting with the WHOLE time?

I used the liquid eyeliner to draw in a cupid’s bow set of lips and colored them in with bright red lipstick. I used the lipstick to color in her cheek blush spots too.  I used the eyeliner to draw in the cracked and broken places on her face.

She decided to play it up, and walk around listing to the side and talking freaky. When she got to the party she freaked out more than one of her friends right away.  She was so thrilled.