I made my son into a bookworm for Halloween this year. There were two major parts to the costume.


I created the illusion of a worm crawling on a pile of two books. The worm being green in color, I wanted the books to have contrasting colors to make the costume more fun. I am a big fan of Dr.Seuss books. I chose to create ‘Cat in the Hat’ (which is blue) and ‘One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish’ (which is yellow).

I started with four rectangular sheets of foam board. I hot glued it together to create a box. I then glued another sheet of rectangular foam board with a round opening just big enough for my son to slip through. Semi-circular pieces of foam board was then glued to the edges to create the bound edge of the book. Rectangular strips of foam board were then glued to create the illusion of two books. Rectangular strips of cardstock were glued along the semi-circular edge of the foam board to create the bound edge of the book.I drew straight lines close together on the three sides of the books to create the illusion of pages. I freehanded the cover of ‘Cat in the Hat’ on the foam board. I also freehanded the words of the two books on the bound end. I then painted everything with acrylic colors using the same color scheme as the real books.

I then attached two pieces of satin ribbon at the circular opening so the books could hang on my son’s shoulder. I used a length of ribbon so it just hung below the waist level. I also made the books high enough so that it was a few inches above the ground.


I used green flannel to create the worm costume. The worm was in four parts. The glasses were made out of black foam board. For the mittens I drew my son’s hand on paper and gave an extra inch all around. For the tail I started with a rectangular piece of flannel and folded it along the long edge. I stitched the long edges together and one short edge together. I then inverted the piece and tightly gathered up the stitched short end. I then loosely gathered the cloth every 5 inches. I hot glued thin strips of flannel to cover the stitches. I filed the tail with bubble wrap to make it stiff but light. I then covered it with a round piece of foam board to make the tail conical and stitched a round piece of flannel along the edges. I then attached a long 6 inch wide strip of flannel and added Velcro to the ends so it could be fastened around my son’s waist.

The body part of the worm was created in a similar manner except for the bubble wrap. I also made holes for the face and two arms. I also created the length long enough so it ended just above the books. I attached sleeves made of flannel. For the antenna I used a ball of crayola model magic stuck to a piece of a wooden dowel. I hot glued green flannel on this and then hot glued this to the head of the costume. I then created a candy box using a cheap baby book. I hot glued it partially open and attached foam board to the bottom and the edge.

Assembling the costume:

I slipped the book over his shoulder followed by fastening the tail around his waist. He then wore the body of the worm. He then wore the mittens and glasses. Lastly he held the Halloween candy box which looked like an open book. This was a costume that was quite easy for my son to walk in.

Bookworm Costume

Bookworm Costume