I’m a pop culture junkie and got it in my head that I wanted to be the Bee Girl from the video for the Blind Melon song “No Rain.” The first thing I did was go online and find Halloween photos of the CD cover (mine was long gone) which shows the Bee Girl. Then I found the video on YouTube. Turns out her costume is slightly different on the CD cover and the video but it gave me a clear sense of what she looked like as I set out to recreate the costume.

There is a dance and gymnastics costume/uniform manufacturer based here in my hometown and they have a great factory outlet store. I found the yellow fabric, black sequin trim, plain black tutu, dance tights and tap shoes there. (I was so excited to find out they make flat patent leather Mary Jane tap shoes in grown-up sizes!) I added a yellow satin ribbon trim to the tutu with hot glue. For the sleeves I found black and yellow striped socks at a costume shop shortly before Halloween and simply cut them at the toe. For the head thing I had someone cut up two old T-shirts – a black one to go over my head and a yellow one to make the stripes. Then I just used a bobbie pin to secure two pipe cleaners in the shape of a heart to the cap at my hairline.

The top was the most difficult part for me since I don’t sew so I got help from my mother. She used the shiny yellow fabric to make a top for me. She just looped the top of it (near my neck) and we threaded elastic through and I tied it halter-style in the back. She tacked the trim on in a design similar to the original bee girl. I bought wide yellow ribbon to lace the tap shoes and burned the edges with a lighter to keep them from fraying and unraveling.

We have a costume party every year and every time I answered the door to let people in they would stand on the porch and crack up laughing. Everyone who grew up in the early 90’s got the reference and thought it was clever! We took many Halloween photos as a memory for next year!

Total Spent: $50