I made the bird nose out of paper clay so it was light enough to spirit glue to my face. Stayed all night though it was a little difficult to drink. I kept the eyebrows as separate pieces so I could be expressive, they were felt semi-circles I hot glued feathers to and made a smooth hot glue backing so I could spirit gum them to my eyebrows  (eyelash glue eyebrows first and with enough baby oil in removal, you don’t loose your brows). Oh, and my hair was dyed blue and green.

I purchased a corset with a tutu on line and bought expensive fancy feathers from a ‘carnival’ costume maker and some online. Feathers are expensive! I regret putting so many feathers on the bodice, they made me a little “fluffy”. I made the tail feathers out of a coat hanger, duct tape and more felt. From behind it was more grand.

This bird costume was a fun costume, too bad I didn’t have any wings, I think bracelets with feathers would have been perfect.