I love making costumes and love a challenge. I had been reading too many fictional novels about the Boleyn sisters and kept thinking of beheaded queens when I finally decided I should be one for Halloween. I started looking for pictures of inspiration on the internet and found a few that tickled my fancy. When I showed them to my husband and asked if he thought I could create a beheaded bride DIY Halloween costume like them he told me… wait for it… I couldn’t. WHAT??!! He said I probably could but I only have a week left and it just isn’t enough time for something so elaborate. CHALLENGE INITIATED.

The biggest challenge was going to be creating a bust line and decapitated neck look. There were a few sites that suggested making body parts out of plaster, but that’s not my speed. It sounded too involved and complicated. I should mention I am the queen of reinventing the wheel – it will save time and cost less. I decided to try and sculpt playdough but knew I needed a form. For the torso and neck I purchased playdough and the green foam used in floral arrangements.

To create the illusion that my head was being carried I decided to wear a backpack with the torso in it, but to give it height I used two in dowels that were 2ft long. You’ll see in the pic. I found the wedding dress at a Salvation army and the decrepit looking arm at Good Will. The arm was actually a door knocker that made sound. I disconnected the sound box and some other parts and just used the arm. I added some blood and white face paint for effect.

I must say it was pretty easy once it all started coming together. The dress was the most expensive. The total spent was $80 and it was well worth it. I hope you like it. Thanks for considering :-) Oh yea, CHALLENGE WON. In your face hubby.