This is how I made my Beetlejuice and Miss Argentina Couple Halloween Costume Idea: (dead receptionist in the afterworld)

For Beetlejuice I got a old black suit and tie from Goodwill and used masking tape to do stripes then spray painted with flat white primer paint (took several cans). The lines are not perfect which helped make it look dirty. I accidentally did not do the stripes on the arms right (they should be horizontal on the arms).

I spray painted the tie black. I bought an old man wig from a costume store and used white colored hairspray to make it more white (started off as grey hair). I went online and watched how do the makeup. I just used black and white makeup for the face.

For Miss Argentina it took a lot more time to do… 2 ½ hours to get ready and one night to practice doing the color on my face. I did look on this website in order to get some ideas on how to do it. I bought the dress on eBay for $25. I watched the movie and there is not a great picture of her dress. So I found an aubergine colored satin dress. I then used red spray paint to imprint with a swirl type stencil to make it a bit more red/purple. I found fabric that was purple with reddish glitter and fanned it out around the waist. I then used 2 cans of red glitter spray paint from Michael’s craft store. (yes, more spray paint, best thing for Halloween if you ask me!!) I even used the red spray paint and red glitter spray paint to do my shoes (Steve Madden pumps) from Rugged Warehouse.

I also picked up from the fabric store firm floral wire and red glitter fabric to do the cape. I molded the wire as best I could and then sewed on the fabric. This was time consuming but well worth it. I used white ribbon to make the sash with iron on letters.

The makeup was tricky. I used water based makeup for my arms, legs, chest, and back. My face was cream based. Better to get these items at a real costume store and not Wal-mart. To do the face, you need to start out with a white base and slowly mix in green and blue to get the right color. I am glad I practiced the face the night before or I would have wigged out about the color. I used black and blue makeup to highlight on checks and around eyes to get the death look going!

I had trouble finding a wig and purchased a long haired red horned wig from Walmart and cut off the horns and hot glued them shut. Then just styled it into an up do!!