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Coolest Bebop and Rocksteady Costumes 10 from the Original Ninja Turtles

by Brandon B.
(West Lafayette, IN, USA)

Bebop and Rocksteady Costumes

Bebop and Rocksteady Costumes

My homemade Bebop and Rocksteady costumes were born out of a love for the characters and more than a little inspiration from the amazing papier mache masks a friend of mine had been building for his Halloween costumes the last few years.

I started with the masks, using simple cardboard boxes, newspaper, 3/4” pipe insulation, a pair of Styrofoam cones, a mohawk wig, a couple old pieces of body jewelry, duct tape, and a mean pair of scissors to construct the basic forms. I used a couple layers of traditional papier mache, followed with a healthy amount of Cellu-Clay to flesh out the, well… the flesh, really. Dry, paint, and BINGO! Masks are done!

For the Bebop and Rocksteady costumes, I cut muscle-shaped pieces of foam with a turkey carver and glued them to a long-sleeved tee shirt using a spray adhesive. I then covered the muscle shirt with pieces of panty-hose, again using the spray adhesive. Once that was dry, I painted the muscle suits with spray paint (three shades each of black/gray and brown, respectively).

The clothes for Rocksteady were found easily enough at Wal-Mart, while the Bebop outfit required a lot more ingenuity. I found a denim vest at Goodwill, bleached it, and dyed it red, then plastered it with metal studs and pins. The pants are cut-off cargos with tons of safety pins in them. And, of course, a pair of bright red Chuck Taylor All-Stars completes the show.

I found some great “monster” hands that I painted to match the muscle suits, and added several appropriate accessories, like the wristbands and belts. I found a taxidermist who sold me authentic turtle shells for Rocksteady’s belt and Bebop’s shoulders, and a real snapping turtle skull for Bebop’s necklace.

All together they took about 80 hours combined.

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That's amazing
by: Anonymous

That's the most amazing piece of costume making I've ever seen!.... I need to do a similar thing with four turtles and spinter and shredder, could take some time.

by: Anonymous

best looking tmnt inspired costumes I've ever seen. I met you guys at wizard world Chicago in 09,really inspired me to make my own Leonardo suit, pretty tough stuff

holy smokes!
by: stepher

What an amazing costume!! It looks like it took a lot of hard work! Did you win any prizes with it!?

by: Terri

These guys are underrepresented! Great job!

by: Anonymous

The Bebop costume is insane.. How much money did you end up spending on the Bebop costume?

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