I used little figurines as my models to make Cogsworth and Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast Costumes. The main trick is to use fabric fusing to iron on the main fabric to a sheet of foam which is what helps hold the shapes of the costumes. There is basic sewing but I also Velcro and hot glue.

Under each costume, I took a T-shirt and sewed on the sleeves at a diagonal, like a baseball T-shirt, so the sleeves are not actually connected to the costume. Lumiere is actually several pieces. The bottom two thirds is like a skirt. It is held on with suspenders over the T-shirt. The top part was like a backward vest that closed with Velcro in the back. They went to several events when they wore this and after one of the first ones I added the collar (which is what catches the wax) and it looked better.

The candle holders were cuffs that went on with elastic. The flames in his hands were just for the pictures but he didn’t carry them when he went trick or treating. The candle head was made of felt fused to a foam sheet. Cogsworth is two sheets of foam on the front and back fused to fabric and regular fabric on the sides. The gold trim on the bottom is painted on the fabric. On both costumes, I was able to add some dimension by adding decorative stitching. Because of the thickness with the foam, this worked well.

The costumes were surprisingly comfortable and kids were able to move around freely in them. They were a huge hit when they wore them!