Well my 8yr. old daughter loves Barbie and we were down to 3 days before Halloween so I looked and looked and suddenly had a Barbie in a Box DIY Halloween Costume Idea. So we looked for the right size box and found the spray paint and got to work. Keep in mind that we got the idea from this web site.

So we found a box that was light enough for her to carry and we found some logos online and after we sprayed the box and cut it out we used adhesive spray for the logos and the plastic shower curtain. I must have looked up over a 1000 different Barbie boxes and Barbie faces. Oh I also used 2 bungie cords and rope to make it like a back pack on the inside and we taped a shoe box to the inside so it would fit just right up against her back.

-2pink spray cans
-1 baby blue spray can
-1 adhesive spray
– white rope
-barbie logos
– a purse or a mic inside for effects. We used rope to make it look like it came that way in the box.