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Coolest Barbie in a Box Costume 42

by Melissa
(Connell, WA, USA)

Homemade Barbie in a Box Costume

Homemade Barbie in a Box Costume

Homemade Barbie in a Box Costume
Homemade Barbie in a Box Costume
Homemade Barbie in a Box Costume

To make my ultimate pink Barbie costume, I took two large moving boxes I bought at Wal-Mart for $2.99 each. Then, I closed one end of the first box, duct taped the two boxes together in the center, and left the second box open at the bottom so I could walk in it.

Then, I used a box cutter to cut the opening out in the front. I made two handles out of cardboard and used a staple gun to staple them into the side of the box so that I would be able to hold it up and walk around with the box on. I got hot (Barbie) pink spray paint from Lowe's and spray painted the front of the box. For the sides and back of the box I used silver wrapping paper (pink would've been better, but I was going with what I had).

I used Elmer's spray glue to adhere the wrapping paper, and had to do two rounds of it since it wasn't quite as long as the two boxes. I printed out the Mattel logo and warning sign for the front of the box and copied a Barbie logo for the "Barbie" written on front. I also print out the Barbie logo (smaller) and bar code for the back of the box. I used the Elmer's spray glue again and glued cellophane to the inside front of the box for the plastic cover effect.

To finish the look of the Homemade Barbie in a Box Costume, I found my best pink Barbie dress and shoes. I did my hair, makeup, and nails to look like Barbie. I got into character, and all I was missing was Ken & my Barbie corvette!

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Barbalicious Fun!!
by: Larry

Really creative and effective ! Had not only the Barbie persona down perfectly, but the box/pckage was brilliantly done! I'm sure Ken is looking for her to give her her Barbie Caorvette ! Great Costume!!

coolest at the party
by: Anonymous

this was the best at our party, so cool

by: Anonymous

Love it!

barbie in a box #42
by: Brandi fox

this costume is sooo awesome, next year get someone to play ken in a box and we can buy the whole set

Well done!
by: Anonymous

I love it! She really looks like Barbie!!

Beautiful Barbie!
by: Anonymous

Loved this costume.... Very creative and well thought out! So fun to see!

Great Costume
by: Amy C

That was truly the best most creative costume I have ever seen.

by: Anonymous

Blew everyone away at the party! She even had Barbies big ring and and jewelry, she held her hands like Barbie too.

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