My husband and I are HUGE Star Wars fans so for our daughter’s first Halloween our first idea was, of course, Princess Leia. All of the baby Leia costumes online weren’t really out of our budget range, but I just had the feeling that I could make a successful baby princess Leia costume myself.

I started with the clothes (the easiest part) because we had most of it in her closet. I found a long-sleeved, white onesie and layered her legs with two pairs of white tights (or pantyhose for all you fellow southerners) to keep her legs warm. I went to our local craft store and bought 1/2 ft of gold ribbon and hot glued it around the front of the onesie, just around the middle.

The headpiece was a lot less complicated than I thought. I looked at a few different places to find a brown hat or bogan and the only place I found one was our local Walmart. It didn’t look like I wanted it to, but I settled anyway. I had a little strip of the gold ribbon left and I hot-glued it across the bogan to give it a “royal” look.

At the craft store I also bought a foot of brown felt. I rolled the felt long-ways and hot-glued the edge all the way down. Then I rolled it into the classic Leia bun shape and hot-glued it to hold. Then I simply hot-glued both buns to the side of the bogan and voila! Baby Princess Leia!