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Coolest Baby Popeye Costume 25

by Marci
(Louisville, Kentucky)

Homemade Baby Popeye Costume

Homemade Baby Popeye Costume

Homemade Baby Popeye Costume
Homemade Baby Popeye Costume

This Homemade Baby Popeye Costume was such an easy and cute costume to put together for my little Popeye.

The pants were made with some blue fabric I had on hand….initially cost 1.99/yard. I added a yellow belt using yellow binding that I had. The shirt was a black t-shirt that my son already had and just turned it inside out. I used some of the same blue fabric and sewed fabric for the cuffs on the sleeves. I used red felt for the collar…(got this at Joanns for .25 a square. Used 2 squares. I used another shirt collar as a pattern and just made it bigger. For the buttons I used yellow felt cut into circles and made 2 black dots on them. Then hot glued them on the black shirt.

The muscles. I found a pair of my old women’s light tan socks. I cut the toe part off them and just used the longer part. I also had to make them tighter so they would stay on my babies arms so I cute them lengths wise… cut out about an inch of the sock and sewed them back together. I then just put them on his arm and stuffed some stuffing in it. I then drew anchors with marker on the socks.

The hat was the hardest part. I couldn’t find a sailors hat online small enough to fit the head of my baby, so I found a white bonnet looking hat at Good will for 1.25 and transformed it into this hat also using a collar off a men’s white shirt that I also got at Goodwill. I just cut off the collar and sewed it onto the hat to create the look off a sailor hat.

The spinach can was an old baby formula can. I printed out the words 'popeyes spinach.' Covered the can with green paper and then the popeyes spinach label. Used green tissue paper to represent the spinach.

Super cheap costume.
Total cost- $4.75
Pants: 1.00 for blue fabric
Shirt: 0.50 cents for red felt and already had shirt.
Hat: 1.25 for hat and 2.00 for mens white shirt = total 3.25
Muscles: Free- already had old socks and stuffing.

I have also made an Olive Oyl for myself... and my husband will go as Brutus. Pictures to come!

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For sale
by: Anonymous

Would you like to sell this costume?

Love the costume!
by: Anonymous

Would you be interested in selling this? It is adorable! I am trying to find one for my 4 month old. Please email me at Thank you!

to puchase?
by: Anonymous


You did an amazing job on this costume! Would you be willing to make another one or sell this item? Please email me

Thanks so much!

Selling your popeye costume?
by: Jacobs baby

Hello saw this costume didn't know if you sell them or not. My son is 7 months and this is exactly what I've been looking for:).
Please let me know hairsalontec@gmail

Popeye costume
by: Anonymous

Are you selling the popeye costumes. Please let me know.

saved the day!

I was asked to help with a popeye costume. someone had started, but quickly realized they were in over their head.
I found your baby popeye picture- Thank You!
Turned out adorable and so easy with your instructions.

Popeye Costume
by: Jenni

I need a 9 month old Popeye costume for Halloween. I don't have time to make one. Please let me know if anyone has one for sale. Email me at jennihodge[at]yahoo[dot]com

For Sale
by: Lori

Would you be interested in making this costume to sell? I need one for a 7 month old.

Need This!
by: Samantha

Absolutely love this. Could you make one for a 12 month old? Thank you.

Selling It?
by: Erika

I would urgently like to buy this, or if at all possible get you to make one for my 8 month old baby boy. Please do let me know.

Please email me at


For Sale?
by: Anonymous

Would you be willing to make and sell?


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