My kids get a ride every year for Halloween and here are 2 of them. It all started when my oldest was only 1 and was Scooby Doo. At the time I had a quad stroller for my home-daycare so the Mystery Machine I built out of card board and hot glue was the perfect size. He decided to be Scooby again the next year so I made a new mystery machine to fit over the double stroller. Not as cool looking as the bigger one but still pretty good.

The following year, he decided to be Buzz Lightyear so we dressed up baby bro as the alien. It was only right that they ride in Buzz’s ship so that’s what we did. It was a bit trickier than the mystery machine with the rounded front and I’m sure there were much better ways to do it than the way I did but it worked just fine.

We get stopped to photo ops every year and are getting used to it. Its all worth the work when you hear little kids yell out “look mom! it’s the Scooby car!”