This Little Mermaid Town Dress Costume was a great costume for a cold Ohio Halloween. An attractive alternative to sleezy and revealing outfits that are too common.

About 3 yards of blue fabric, deep pockets on both sides and a zipper back. A long brown skirt underneath for fluff and warmth.

The shirt was done without a pattern, just a basic blouse, it didn’t need to be fitted since it was going under the corset. Very light cheap fabric that happened to be the right color and texture that I needed.

I used a zipper on the corset to get the split effect at the top. I got 2 yards of black stretchy velvet on sale after Christmas time. It was by far the most comfortable corset I’ve made or worn. I used pipefitting from the hardware store for the strait parts and a coil of that metal you use to hold pipes up. Size 36DD, not a Disney princess size. The straight across top and length of the skirt really balance it out for this costume. Also, everyone got a kick out of the hair and recognised it immediately.

The bow was a $1 roll of tulle that stayed big and fluffy all night long. All donated to Goodwill afterwards.

The hair- lots of spray and a waist length wig.