My son wanted a space ship so after looking at several pictures I decided I could make one and made this Alien in His Flying Spaceship Costume.

Materials: medium hola hoop, old round laundry basket, foam fabric padding from walmart, black spray paint, green poster board, silver tape, and battery powered light string, hot glue gun.

Costume for alien was silver material an a patern to sew a tin man costume. The mask was store bought mask since makeup breaks his face out in a rash.

Putting ship together: first lay hola hoop out and wrap you foam around the hola hoop so that the hoop is in the middle of the foam glue foam to hoop as you go around. Next cut bottom out of laundry basket and set basket in center of hoop wrapped foam. Bend the front top half of foam down meeting and gluing to top of basket. Flip it over and do the Sam to the bottom you should now have a ship shaped structure that the child can stand in center of basket I found its better to use the top of the basket facing their feet since the opening is bigger and the bottom of basket around his waist. Being a smaller opening it fit snug on his waist. Now to spray the foam all black let dry for several days outside cause the foam is like a sponge an stays wet awhile and holds the fumes in for a couple days to. After paint is dry glue green strips of poster board down four sides then take silver tape and wrap around center of ship while pushing lights through the tape as you go around. I also had lights down center of green poster boards.

On the bottom of ship was round battery tap lights glued to point at ground as if the ship was landing an had beams pointing down. He was dressed in all silver with alien mask and had a voice changed so when he talked it sounded like an alien. He was the hit of the streets trick or treating an was even given more candy at each house cause they thought his costume was the best.