To start this journey, I got a 65 cm exercise ball to construct the body and a punch balloon to make the head/hat section. After the balloons were blown up, I started to paper mache.

I made the mixture by using one part flour and five parts water (For one layer, I found that 1/2 cup of flour and 2.5 cups of water was just the right amount). I also added two TBS of salt to prevent mold and some cinnamon to make it smell good. I laid down four layers of paper mache on both. It is a time consuming task, about six hours give or take for each layer, so get started early! After the paper was all dry, I spray painted the exercise ball with white so the newspaper would not show through when I laid down the green of the body. I used two XL shirts for the body and glued them down with hot glue. But before I even did that, I cut out the bottom to start out with, once I got that cut out, I made a hole for the head, but be sure it’s not too big because the punch balloon is going to go over it. To cut the arms, I went inside the ball and found where my arms were, so I could make sure they were in the right place. For the head/hat, I cut small holes on the side to hear/see out of and a big hole in the front so I could see/breathe. Once the holes were all cut, I used packaging tape to reinforce the ends to prevent tearing.

Then it was time to get the costume looking like Mike! I covered the body with the shirts as well as the head/hat. I used a mesh fabric to cover the holes in the hat, and then used felt to make the Monsters Inc logo, eye and mouth. Once the eye and mouth was done, I used some left over shirt and rolled it to make an eyelid and lips. Finally, to finish up the body, I used cardboard to make the bill of the hat and foam to make horns. As for the feet, I used a pair of my old shoes and hot glued foam to them, then covered it with another t-shirt. I finished using three green shirts in all. The last thing I did to make myself into a “scary” monster was use felt to make the nails on the feet and gloves!
It was a long process to get this costume done (I would suggest giving yourself three weeks), but in the end it was worth it! I wore it to our Halloween event and people loved it, asking how I made it! I had people taking pictures with me, I even felt like I was the Mike Wazowski at Disney World with kids shaking my hand and wanting to take pictures with me!