For the past two years I’ve tried to make matching costumes for the kids and their father. Last year it was the Mario Brothers vs my husband (Wario). This year MOST of my kids were based from “Sonic the Hedgehog” so that left my husband as the Evil “Dr. Robotnik” or as some people know him “Dr.Eggman”.

Since I didn’t have a sewing machine, and I didn’t have a pattern for my husband I really had to wing this one. After making Tails and Sonic costumes for both my kids I felt confident I could throw something together for their Archnemesis. So…

I ran as fast as I could to Joann’s fabric (on the Friday before Halloween) and found the brightest (and cheapest) costume fabric I could find. Which made him look like a fire man suit after wearing it (so there’s next years costume, lol).

I ran home, copied the kids easy sewing pattern and simply magnified it. Which left Dr. Robotnik with no real shoulders only sleeves, but since it was all red – no one noticed really.

After making the jacket, I gave Dr. Robotnik a collar, and yellow cuff’s – that I cut out myself without a pattern and just winged it (a lot of this costume – I winged it!). After making sure everything was sewed on I started stitch gluing pieces on his chest and back… the stripes on the jacket are not sewed on.

For the mustache I cut out felt from an 8×10 pc you buy at Walmart. And we starched it (I baked it in the oven to harden it – I don’t recommend it, but I was in a hurry). Then I sewed the elastic band behind it so I could attach it to his face.

For the goggles on top of his head I simply bought cylinder cones where I cut off an inch of one each… then wrapped it in tin foil and super glued it to my husbands fake bald head (that I bought at party city for only $4). I forgot to paint his nose red (Dr. Robotniks nose is red) and at the very last minute we discovered my sun glasses fit and were a perfect match for Dr. Robotniks costumes.

The black pants are my husbands- so no extra sewing… phew.

I would show process pictures, but I made this costume so quickly that I didn’t take any. We enjoyed the final product though – win or lose.