This was for a last minute ABC party. For those of you who don’t know, ABC stands for Anything But Clothes. I wanted to create something different than the standard duck tape dress. To do this I went to our local Wegman’s Grocery Store and bought a bag of 100 Solo Cups. When I got home, I used the two Wegman’s bags as the base of my dress. I cut one in half and glued it to the bottom of the other bag. The bag handles worked perfectly as straps to hold the dress up. I cut all of the cups in half and cut the bottom sections out of them. After this, it was simply to just hot glue the cups to the Wegman’s “dress”. I also used another cup to make a cuff bracelet. The best part, was when I walked into the party and everyone was shocked because it was so creative.

One of the hardest things about wearing this dress, was that some of the cups would pull off of the Wegmans bag, so I kept having to re-glue them. I also helped my friend to make an outfit out of a deck of cards and a Victoria secret bag. Everyone asked how I made the dress and how long it took, and everyone was surprised when I said that it only took a few hours. One of the other parts the everyone liked was that I had several ping pong balls glued to the tops of the cups, as if they were being thrown in a game of beer pong.

Throughout the night, some of my friends even threw ping pong balls at the dress to see if they would land in the cups, like they were playing a game. I loved this dress and even though it became a little destroyed throughout the night, I have it hanging in my room and will never throw it away. I don’t normally characterize myself as creative, but I must pat myself on the back for this costume.