I hardly ever dress up for Halloween but since I have children and grandchildren who like dressing up I decided “Grandpa and Grandma” had better do something this year. I thought I would really like to be Cruella but I didn’t think my husband would go for being the “dog.” To my surprize he was willing so I went to work!

I found a wig first at a local costume store for $20. That was all I needed to get started. I decided to make a half circle cape out of 60″ fabric (grain going across the back). I didn’t want to spend much money so I scrounged at my daughter’s house and found some white velor and black sweater knit. I wanted the cape to be either black or white with a red lining and Dalmatian print binding.

I couldn’t decide whether to do it black or white and my daughter suggested doing it half white and half black. I thought that was a brilliant idea and would fit perfect with the wig. I had some red crepe I bought a long time ago to make a dress (which of course never happened) and it worked perfect for the lining. I found a polyester knit suede type of Dalmatian print at JoAnn’s Fabrics for the binding and for my husband’s dog costume. I made the collar out of some white fake fur scraps and sewed a black ribbon to tie it together at the top. I wore a black sequin top and black skirt. I covered some old shoes with Dalmatian fabric. I got gold earrings on sale at Walmart, as well as some red lipstick! I also had some long white gloves from days long ago! This 101 Dalmatians Halloween Costume ended up being a little bigger project than I imagined but it was so fun to figure out how to make everything work.

Next time I think we’ll have my husband be the robber and wear a leather jacket and stocking over his head!