I live for Halloween! Every year, around mid July, I start thinking about what our costumes will be. I enjoy spending the time and being creative and making our costumes! This year out state, California, is in serious drought. We need nothing more than wind and rain. I decided it was a great theme for our costumes this year and promptly began creating these fun costumes!

Everyone’s first reaction was astounded. Then everyone wanted to know 1) if I made them, 2) Was it hard, 3) is the hat heavy? Then we were just receiving compliments all night long. I think people were just amazed at the hat and the presence it has. There were lights and it really just makes you stop and stare!

I had a great deal of fun creating the Rain Cloud hat. I used strobe lights for lightning, cardboard and foil for the bolts, and pillow stuffing for the clouds. The rain drops were created from mardi gras beads and I strung clear beads on clear wire as well. Of course at the end of every rain storm is a rainbow, so I painted a beautiful rainbow on one of my eyes.

For my husband’s Wind costume I fed jewelery wire through the tie and the bottom of the shirt seam. This way I could bend them in the way they would look if you wire caught in a wind storm. I also attached items that might get stuck on you…newspaper, paper bags, leaves, trash…we even flipped an umbrella inside out as it would if a gust of wind rushed by!

I hope you enjoy our ideas as much as I did creating them. I hope they bring inspiration to your Halloween time! And, without further ado…Here are my husband’s and mine costumes this year…We dressed as The Wind and The Rain.