To make this Wall-E costume, I started with a box and added foam, a combination of furniture foam and sheet foam. For the head, I shaped a block of foam and added sheet foam for details. I printed the eyes out, glued onto sheet foam, then fit them inside two plastic magnifying glasses.

I used three different metallic acrylic paints to paint the head. Carved out the bottom of the head to fit my son and glued two pull strings so it could tie under his chin. The body is a small box from home depot. I cut holes for the arms and head and lined the inside with foam for comfort. I glued sheet foam using spray adhesive on the outside side of the box for detail. Painted the body with yellow latex paint, and metallic acrylic. I Printed out the Wall-E logo, then glued it on sheet foam and afterwards, city out each letter and used it as a stencil.

For the arms I used two blocks of furniture foam with elastic bands glued around it so it slides on like a sleeve. Then I glued sheet foam on the outside and painted detail using black and yellow acrylic. For the hands I bought black mitten style snow gloves and glued sheet foam in the shape of Wall-E’s hands painted with silver acrylic Paint. To build the feet I used two blocks furniture foam and carved them to shape and hallowed out the inside for his legs and feet.

I glued on the track like detail using sheet foam and wheels on the side using sheet foam as well. Painted detail with different  color metallic paints. The Track feet proved to be very difficult to walk in so we only put them on to take picture. If you could think of a better design for the feet that would probably work out better for you. But in the end this turned out to be a really cool costume for him. Not very hard to build and the whole thing cost under $100.