My two-year-old daughter, Teeghan, was the Coppertone girl this year.  It took about 5 hours total to make in a span of three days.  I looked everywhere for a unitard sewing pattern, which obviously does not exist.  So instead I mixed and matched between two different patterns, I used Simplicity pattern 2156 to make tan spandex leggings.  Then, I used Buttericks pattern B5545 to make a tan spandex long sleeve letoard, using the bottom of the same pattern I cut out just the back portion in white spandex, and blue spandex.  I then sewed the white portion to the tan at the same notch on the back, and made the blue seperately for the bottoms.  Using a black sharpie marker I drew in the butt.  I thought I had the hard part done, but I was wrong.  I searched high and low for 3 weeks looking for a black dog to sew to the bottom.  I finally found a brown dog and used fabric spray paint to make it black, which made the dog a sticky, goupy mess.  As I’m telling my grandmother the terrible time I’m having finding a black dog she tells me she has one.  So using a safety pin I attached it to the butt.  Everyone loved the costume!  When asked what she was for Halloween she would tell everyone, “I’m a puppy butt!”  On Halloween night we had to pair it with rain boots because of the terrible Chicago weather, but we still got a lot of laughs, strange looks, and a MILLION questions on how we made it.

Supplies Needed:  1.5 yards tan spandex, 1/2 yard of blue spandex, 1/4 yard of white spandex, tan thread, blue thread, 1 yard light blue ribbon, 7/8 yards of 1/2″ in elastic and a black dog

Helpful hints:  Sew in a zig zag pattern so the material can stretch, pull the blue spandex when sewing the back of the swimsuit bottom so there’s enough room for them to sag.