This year, my daughter chose the theme, and she chose Tangled as your family costume. I did not have any thing to begin with, but got to work. She picked that she would be Rapunzel, my youngest would be Pascal, my husband Flynn Rider, and myself, Mother Gothel.

This was a very challenging theme, because of the extent of the costumes.  I had to buy all the material and patterns.

I started with Rapunzel, because I figured that dress would take the longest.  It was a challenging dress because of the fine material I used for the over dress and the sleeves.  All in all, it is actually one of the things I am most proud of that I have ever made. It truly made my daughter look like a princess. I bought her braided headpiece from the Disney Store, and wrapped her hair around to make it fit the best.

Next was Pascal.  Satin is challenging to work with as well, because you have to make sure nothing catches it to snag it, but it was the most fun.  The pattern was simple, and I loved watching it all come together.  Stuffing the tail and adding the eyes was the finishing touch! Watching my daughter try it on and crawl around like a chameleon was the best! She didn’t want to take it off!

Mother Gothel was next. I purchased a black curly wig, and made the beautiful satin gown and belt.  I had never attempted an adult dress to that extent, and was extremely proud with how it turned out. It fit amazing, and looked just like the character.

Flynn Rider did not take long, but was also one of the most important costumes.  Can’t have a Tangled theme without Flynn.  My husband’s dark hair was perfect, and so was his white dress shirt, and khaki pants.  I created the blue vest by measuring him, and made a satchel out of brown leather, which my daughter then added her tiara to. We added a brown belt to finish off the costume, and voila.

I always like to host Halloween Parties for the kids at my house, and everyone loves that we all dress up. We had school parties to get dressed up for as well, and of course, going out to get candy.  I sent Rapunzel’s costume to school in a garment bag, because it was so big, and I didn’t want anything to happen to it, but all of her teacher’s and friends loved it so much!

Some of my friends made comments about how my oldest gets to be a princess, and the youngest had to be a lizard, but they still enjoyed it all very much. Even my little lizard.  I told her, the next year, she will get to pick the theme.;) We had so much fun, and I just love to make my kids happy this way.