I used a garbage can to make my Red Solo Cup Halloween costume. I spray painted the inside white and the outside red. On each side I wrote “solo” and in the front on the rim I wrote my name in sharpie marker, just like the song says. I drilled suspenders into the sides so that it would stay up on my shoulders. I wore red leggings, a red long sleeved shirt, and white flip flops. My toes were painted red!

I attached a sharpie marker to me so that people at the party could sign me. That was the best part. Everyone had fun writing stuff on me. Half way through the party the band called me up on stage while they sang “red solo cup.” Everyone loved it!! I had such a good time! Every time people see me now they say “Hey red solo cup!!” I had people pretending to pour beer in me and even attached a pitcher to me during the night. I came in first place at the dance and had a ball!!