Every year we go to Brevard, NC for the annual Hallowenfest. They have several categories to compete in for best Halloween Costume. This year we entered into BEST Homemade costume. My son and I chose to make a Green Army Guy costume. I found a costume on Pinterest and it had great instructions. We used it for an idea and expanded on it.

I purchased child size BDU’s on Amazon, along with the children’s military helmet and the green body suit. The rest of the accessories (belt, fake hand grenades, gun, ammo belt case, belt water bottle) at our local Army/Navy store. The shoes were from Target. The base was a simple cut out piece of cardboard painted.! !

I used Meadow Green spray paint from Home Depot. Even though the paint was a paint/primer spray, I chose to prime all the pieces with primer. The accessories were the easiest of course. The clothes took a lot of primer and paint just to get complete coverage. I spent the weekend to paint everything. I am not a very patient person and did not really wait the appropriate time between sprays. The clothing became very stiff and perfect for the effect of the costume. ! ! I was not sure what to do about the face and the hands. I originally had purchased gloves to paint but I was worried about how it would look if the sleeve rose a bit and you could see his arm. The original instructions had you painting pantyhose to go over the face,(I was worried about the fumes) so I found the full body suit on Amazon and it worked perfectly.! ! We entered the contest and it was a huge success as he won First Place in the Homemade category! He was sort of a celebrity as everyone wanted a picture of him. ! ! Another fun part was that he was great at being still and posing. So many people would stop by and could not believe he was real. He even startled many who walked by. It was an amazingly awesome day!