I had seen many different types of peacock costuems on pinterest and loved them so I decided to make my own! I bought 20 real peacock feathers, green blue and blue/purple tule, elastic & a black crop top. I made the tutu by just alternating tying on different colors of the tule, which was easy and worked really well. Take into account that the elastic WILL stretch bigger while you are tying on the tule so leave room to bring it in at the end or make it too small to start with. I also got some satiny teal material and made a super simple skirt for underneith since the tutu was pretty see through! I just hot glue gunned on the feathers and also glued a couple on a clip for my hair. Sadly peacock feather are super delicate so they really didnt last very well.. This was probably my favorite costume I’ve been so far, I just wish the feathers would have stayed intact