This costume is cool enough as a regular Nintendo Wii but wii couldn’t resist being puny. The Zomb-Wii costume was a bit bulky for a house party but did well in the bars, winning a contest. It was incredibly stable and made a good drink and snack holder all night. It was also very easy to slide on and off. The best part this costume cost less then $25 bucks!


  • Recycled Box:  $ 0 (reduce, reuse, recycle!)
  • White Duct Tape:  $ 6.97 (Home Improvement Store)
  • Spray Paint – Grey & White: $ 6.24 (Home Improvement Store)
  • Green Glow Stick:  $ .99 (Dollar Store)
  • Small Hand Held Light: $ 7.99 (Hobby Store)
  • Blue Gift Basket Wrapping Film: $ 1.99 (Hobby Store)
  • Zombie Face Paint: $ 0 (already had)
  • TOTAL: $24.18


  1. I found a giant appliance box at our local recycling center and tried to keep as much of the box uncut so I didn’t have to piece it together.
  2. I roughed out the general shape and angled out the base of the Nintendo and taped all the pieces together until it looked correct.
  3. Take a long piece of cardboard and cut a long strip that would fold for the buttons of the console (see photo below for example) This was probably the most complicated part, you could also just paint an outline but I wanted to be able to put a glow stick inside to replicate the green power on button. A small circle was cut out for that.
  4. Cut the long holes where you would insert a game disc and circle holes for your arms leaving them big enough to move comfortably.
  5. I went back and taped the outline of the costume so it would look consistent under the spray paint.
  6. Spray painted a few layers so there were no bare spots.
  7. Hand painted the “POWER” “RESET” and “EJECT” under the respective buttons.
  8. To get the bright blue color when a disc is inserted or ejected, tape 3 or 4 layers of the blue wrapping film to the inside of the long cut-outs. Then mounted a small handheld battery operated light with an on/off switch to the top of the inside near the cutouts.
  9. Before I went out for the night I cracked a glow stick and put it in the side slot of the “POWER” button
  10. I wore a white shirt underneath to accentuate the “blue light” white pants would be best but I wore everyday jeans.
  11. ll that is left to do is paint your face into a zombie if you please.