Since my triplet boys were babies Grandma has been making costumes for my family, in fact since I was a little girl I have been lucky enough to have some of the coolest handmade costumes.  Each year my husband and I rack our brains, trying to come up with something the kids will love.  Our little trio of boys was joined almost two years ago by a little sister so now we have another character to come up this.

This year was a tricky one but my husband was thinking back to all the amazing characters to choose from in the 80’s classic, our choice the cool Neverending Story group costume.  Each year my Mom gives us an earlier deadline because each year the costumes get more elaborate.  Grandma is such an artist and she doesn’t even know it, she makes these costumes with no patterns, only pictures found on the internet.  The Rock Eater is made mostly of foam that was taken out of her over stuffed couch.  The Luck Dragon is also made of the same foam on the face and then the fur is glued on top of it.  His body is black, while out tricker treating the bright white body should appear to be floating in mid air.  She spends hours getting them just right and they are some of our favorite memories.