Kind of easy to make. This Meat Toppings costume requires some drawing skills or/and Photoshop skills. Just cut out a square from thick paperboard, spray paint with yellow or what ever the color of your meat pack is. Print out the background or as I did draw a mountain with a good marker, make the sticker with the weight and price etc in Photoshop for the cover.

Let it dry over night, and maybe you need to do another layer of color or go over the drawings. Cut out a hole at the top of the board like in stores so it can be hung up with the rest of the toppings, of course that does not apply for this costume. Wear something that is similar to the meat you are copying, like pink for ham, red for salami. Use a plastic see through foil to wrap around, you need a help with that one, and put the printout you did with Photoshop in between the last layers. Voila you are ready!