I was watching some Aqua Teen Hunger Force reruns while researching local Halloween events and became inspired. I decided to make my make my own costume, modeled after my favorite Aqua Teen character: Master Shake!

I had no clue where to start but I drove down to my local Walmart to get ideas. They were restocking their aisles at the time so I asked them for a bunch of boxes to cut up and use for the body of the costume. I spent $1.38 on some yellow dish washing gloves to go with the costume too. I already had some permanent markers, disposable pink and white table cloths, markers, wood, 3-M glue, hot glue, staples, zip ties, paper, Scotch tape, duct tape, and A BUNCH of other super cheap supplies I had left over from school and had collected from yard sales so I got started putting it all together and after about a day’s worth of work and about $6 total in supplies (including those I already had) I ended up with this! Not gonna lie, it can get pretty hot inside this costume but it’s SO worth it and so funny walking down the street and stopping in the nightclubs here in Vegas (my hometown) getting all the laughs and having everyone I pass stopping and asking to take pics with me.

Here’s how I did it: I started by laying all the cardboard out, taping and zip-tying it together, and rolling it up. I secured it with more tape, 3M glue, and zip ties. Then I cute off the excess cardboard, covered it with disposable white tablecloths, and drew the mouth on. I drew the eyes on 8.5×11″ sheets of paper using a black sharpie marker and cut them out to glue onto the front of the costume. I rolled up some cardboard and stuffed it full of plastic shopping bags to make the straw. Then I covered the straw with a pink, disposable tablecloth to get the ride color. I cut a circular piece out of cardboard for the lid of the shake and used cute a long, rectangular piece to wrap around the edge of the circle to finish off the lid. I cut a hole in the top of the lid and inserted the straw, using tape, glue, and rope to secure it inside. I cut arm holes in the side of the costume body. Then I had my husband cut me two wooden sticks and secure them together in an “x” shape. We screwed that into the inside of the costume to get it to hold it’s shape. I cut an eye hole between the costume’s eyes and used white plastic mesh to cover the hole so I’d be able to see out while wearing the costume without taking away from the look of the costume. Then I attached a towel to the top inside of the costume to make it more cozy while resting on my head. A few more finishing touches, putting the yellow gloves on, and I was finally finished and ready to party!

I took it out on the town (Vegas) for Halloween and got so many laughs, fingers pointed at me, people asking to take pics with me, people yelling things like “look, it’s Shake!”, people dancing with me when I stopped in a nightclub to shake my shake booty, and several people trying to tip me $1, $5, even $20 because they loved my costume so much! It was so fun. Four people even bought me drinks and drank with me!

It was hard work but so worth it and after this I’ll have the coolest prop ever to leave in random corners of the house!