My four year old son is a big fan of science experiments and discovery, but unfortunately, there aren’t very many  “mad scientist” costumes out there for younger kids. SO…I decided to take matters into my own hands. I went to Goodwill (oh how I love that place) and found a boy’s white shirt a few sizes bigger than Kadin. I cut out pockets from white fabric and sewed them on to look more like a lab coat.

I then took glow-n-the-dark fabric paint and dabbed and streaked it across the pockets to look like slime from the lab. We had bought tiny, rubbery body parts from the Dollar store and we took coin cases and stuffed them in it. I gorilla glued them to look like they were sticking out of the pockets. I made a name tag with Dr. Kadin Kross on it and the date as the ID# (for scrap booking afterwards). We had bought a pack of goofy glasses (also from the Dollar store) and just popped the lens out of the black pair to look like mad scientist glasses. I used a pack of cable cords (cut and taped back together to shorten) and pulled it through the collar of the shirt. Last, we spiked Kadin’s hair and sprayed the tips with green hair spray.  For outfit, he just wore some pants and a turtleneck with a tie. VOILA: Mad Scientist!