Halloween is my favorite holiday so I usually have my costume idea at least a month in advance.  Last year however with work, and life etc.. I found myself two days before Halloween without a work costume for the contest.

I decided to go through my closet and garage for some ideas and items I could use around the house and  came up with a cool last-minute homemade fortune teller machine costume. You can see as the day went on I had to make it more work functional in order to sit down at m desk. I had to cut the sides and remove the cellophane to see my computer monitor clearly and for better photo ops, but either way can work making adjustments and what you prefer.  Remember, all of this was stuff around the house since I didn’t have time to purchase anything so it can definitely be enhanced by spending a few bucks.

Start with 1 large box –  cut large holes on the sides and front . Back is optional For a little added color used brown spray paint and green tape. Black paint to write “Fortunes” across the top of the box. Glue cellophane to front hole, leave the sides open to be able to stick your arms out (when needed). Cut a small slit for quarters and another slit large enough to dispense cards  ( I made fortunes of positive affirmations and funny phases, which was nice to bring smiles on the faces of coworkers). Made the cards using business card format and found a clip art of a fortune teller.

For the clothes you can  use anything to make it look “gypsy-like”.  I choose a long head scarf, a long skirt , jewelry and top from an old genie costume and I put a flesh tone top underneath the bikinish top).

I’m sure there are several ways to make a crystal ball but I happen to have a small lamp in that shape and thought it would be cool to turn on, (as seen in the pics) when getting ready to dispense the fortune card!

Happy Halloween!!