The costume was easy to put together – the hardest part was finding the correct “highlighter” body suit color.  After that, the letters and reflector stickers were at the local hardware store.  The red hat and orange safety flag were also purchased separately online.

While going trick or treating, my son had a blast with the costume, as he would ring the doorbell, then would pose as the person opened the door.  They would say “Oh – you’re that slow guy I’ve seen on the street!” and “That is the best costume I’ve seen tonight!”, the reactions were great as it was something people had never seen before.  There were alot of kids in our neighborhood, so people handing out the candy knew instantly what the costume was and could relate.

Best part about the costume was that it kept him warm and it was a very safe costume because of the color and the reflectors.

We entered him in a casual halloween costume contest at school and he won 2nd place.