Cool KFC Col. Sanders homemade Halloween costume – found a white 3-piece suit online for $9.  From Ebay I purchased the horn-rimmed glasses for $5 and the cane for $6.  I crafted the neck tie from extra ribbon I had on hand.  I had no luck in finding a white wig or one that was decently priced so I used the spray hair color and trimmed some furry material for the eye brows, mustache, and goatee using double-stick tape to secure it.

The shoes (that didn’t make it in the picture) were simply my son’s black converse sneakers.  Although I wish I could claim the adorable chicken outfit – I purchased it on Etsy; it looks like it was made with a feather boa.  My son wasn’t crazy about the outfit, it was sleeveless and I was supposed to add padding underneath to puff it up.  I had an Old Navy chicken jacket so at the last moment I decided to try both and it worked perfectly, adding the longer sleeves and making it super poofy and best of all, no separate hat (which is what my son wasn’t crazy about with the original costume).

A local KFC gave us a free bucket when we ordered dinner there once.  Total cost of the Col Sanders costume was about $39 or less.  The photos were taken by Moxie Photography (in San Antonio, TX).