Ok, so this year i wanted to be something completley different from the things i have done in the past. after looking online at different costumes and ideas, i brought it upon myself to tackle making a full Jack Skellington costume.

First of all i started off with a regular beach ball, covered it in cling film and then formed the features out of clay. Shortly after i had to quickly cover it in tissue and pva glue before the clay dried and fell off. Once the face was covered in the tissue mix i give it a quick blast with the hair dryer to speed up the drying process. Once dried i then started to bulk up the features with more tissue and dried again.

the next step was to give the mask a coat in resin to stiffen it all up. once i had done this i give the mask one layer of fiber glass and then, once dried, give it a coat of bondo. sanding down the bondo was the next step and then it was ready for the paint.

after painting i cut a hole for the head to go in then i screwed in a bike helmet on the inside so that it would stay inplace on my head.

The suit was bought from a charity shop and painted over the pin stripes with white paint to give it a more animated look.