Halloween has always been my favorite holiday because I get be creative and the kids really like to challenge me to see if I can pull it off.  This year I suggested that they be Jack and Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas and they loved the idea.  So now, off to work.

The patchwork Sally dress was all solid colored fabric and I drew the pattern on each piece.  The hair is orange yarn that I weaved into a crochet beanie. I took 2 pairs of white tights and drew with a black sharpie, stitches on the arms and legs. The makeup pulled it all together.

For Jack all I did was take a black suite I bought at the thrift store and with a white paint maker made vertical stripes on both pieces. The Bat collar I made out of black foam, and I found a white swimmers cap in a clearance bin at Wal-Mart (lucky find), and I just painted his face white to match the cap. The reactions were priceless.

People loved how original the costumes were.  How you like!