This year my 7 year old son wanted to be something scary. I’m not very crafty so I wanted to find something that looked unique,  but would still be doable for someone with very little crafting ability! I looked through pinterest and found a “head-in-a-jar” costume.  My son went nuts!  He had to have it!

I admit I was a little intimidated by toys idea,  but when I got started,  I found that it was much easier than I imagined.  All you need is an old backpack,  some small pvc pipe to create a frame, pillow stuffing , duct tape, an old shirt, a large lab coat,  large plastic jar, rubber gloves,  and Velcro tape. We used the Velcro to stick the jar on the coat, and also to attach the gloves to the jar. That made getting the costume off and on much easier.

It turned out so good! My son loved it