I wanted to be the Wizard of OZ family for Halloween, but why pay $30+ per costume?!? So I made them! For the scarecrow I took sweat pants/shirt found at the Goodwill ($5 total) and took some worn out/stained/no longer used shirts laying around the house, cut them up and made patches out of them and glued them on the shirt and pants. For the hay I got a hula skirt from the dollar tree and cut it in pieces and also glued it on the shirt and pants. For dorothy I went to the craft store and got the blue/whit checkered fabric and cut out the length for a shirt and sewed it on elastic, and sewed lace around the bottom. I then made an apron by cutting out a square for the chest and attaching it to the skirt, and making a neck strap to hold it up. For the red glittery hair bows I simply took red ribbona nd covered them in tacky glue mixed with glitter and let dry, For the red shoes I covered them in tack glue and red glitter and let dry over night.My dog was the Tin Man, we had to complete the 4-some some how and Toto was too original, For the Tin Man costume I got an old grey shirt and glued a red heart on the side. I then cut up an old folder and rolled it to make a cone for the hat and covered it in duck tape and put it on eleastic. For the Lion costume I got fuzzy fabric and made the outfit, and different colors of brown felt for the mare on the Lion, and attached a pink bow I made to the ear since my baby is a Girl. We had tons of fun, and it was soooo much cheaper to make then buy! If I were to buy all 4 of these it would of cost me around $200. I made all of them for around $45 Not bad! We got soo many compliments on Halloween night, I even had a few people ask me where I bought them! :)